Open Questions (on tech, growth, and life..well, not life)

I'm back! After months of ignoring this blog, I'm ready to re-commit myself to the frustration of staring at a white screen. Ready to introspect and navigate my thought-space, searching for topics I care deeply enough to pound on a keyboard for. I'm ready to feel my eyes glaze over… »

Accessing Google Analytics From Django

Whew! It's been awhile since my last post, huh? So much for my "...vow to keep up with this blog" and bold statement that "everyone else can do it, so damnit I can too" mentioned in the inaugoral post. But - in my defense - I have been really busy.… »

Death to the Technical Interview

Coding is hard. Most would agree and - if not - then either you know something I don't (likely) or you don't know what you're doing (also, likely). With that said, coding while a potential future employer is scowling over your shoulder and murmuring inaudibly makes the process incalcuably harder.… »

Folk to EDM: The top 10 artists to code to

Coding without a soundtrack sucks. It's one of those things that - like working out and movie montages - requires a powerful score. While hacking away on BackStep it's my life-blood, second only to coffee in importance. Now, without further ado, let me present my favorite artists to nerd out… »

My Scrubs Obsession

Medical shows often fall into one of two camps (not counting soap operas, but seriously who counts soap operas?). They tend to either focus heavily on the mystery of disease and the solving of a difficult case - House for instance - or they're simply situational dramas - Grey's Anatomy,… »

The super stupid idiot's guide to getting started with Django, Pipeline, and S3

When it comes to dev ops I'm an idiot. In fact, I'm a super stupid idiot. As I spent the majority of yesterday tinkering with the Django configuration for Backstep, I came to the conclusions that: a. Bobby need to be smarter-er when come to dev ops b. There is… »