An Inaugural Post...again.

I've tried to write blogs before. Three times in fact I've started a blog, wrote one or two posts, and then stopped. Don't believe me? Here you go: first blog attempt. Unfortunately I can't show the other two because they're down so you'll have to just take my word for it. Utter failure.

But this time it's different. I vow to keep up with this blog. Everyone else can do it, so damnit I can too.

About Bobs Blog

As the blog caption insinuates, what I write will be heavily geared towards programming. Challenges I'm having, interesting solutions to problems, and other code-y (pronounced CO-DEE) stuff will be the focus, I think. No promises. No promises for writing quality and no promises for content, those are the disclaimers for this blog. Realistically, some posts will probably be about Python while some will be about my efforts trying to launch my venture, BackStep, while others will be about the upcoming World Cup (CAN'T WAIT!). If you're really lucky, I'll write about some of the problems highlighted in the book I've been reading, The Outer Limits Of Reason by Noson S. Yanofsky. Real mind-fuck.

In conclusion, read my blog. Please. Please read my blog and tell me how great it is. And so I make my exit, leaving you with this quote from a wise man.


  • Sterling Archer