Salesforce Sucks

I love Salesforce, but it sucks. It's a peerless tool and an endless source of annoyance and broken functionality.

Salesforce Sucks

This is going to be a short one.

I love Salesforce. It's a peerless tool based on functionality provided, opportunities for customization, and dynamic developer community. However, the online Salesforce store - i.e. the way people actually purchase Salesforce for use - sucks. Yes, the Salesforce storefront sucks.

Imagine this user journey. I'm a Salesforce enterprise user and want to upgrade my subscription to include the Partner Community license add-on. Seems pretty common/simple, right? Well, you be the judge.

Getting the Quote

For a digital product, the de facto expectation these days is a self-service checkout. Not so with Salesforce. God forbid you want to extend the functionality of your CRM with native extensions, have fun navigating case support and the multi-day dialogue required to secure a quote. Just take my money!


So you've jumped through the hoops and gotten your quote, what happens now? Let me present some exhibits

Accessing the store isn't too bad, no gripes here

Subscription Management, simple enough

Alright so i'll go ahead and click Subscription Management

Hm, that's weird

Lol, you probably don't want your storefront to 404, just a guess. But I get it, shit happens, I'll just go ahead and report the breakage so they can fix it for me.


Wat. To be clear here: broken...on Salesforce...233B market cap...

the report a bug broken...on Salesforce...a company which generated more than 17B in the 2020 fiscal year

Salesforce, a unicorn SASS company, has an unusable checkout flow.

In short, I love Salesforce, but I hate it too.